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  1. Cassie Dainar

    Hello All, I'm looking forward to joinging this forum.

    Welcome to Tar Valon!
  2. Cassie Dainar

    Wasn't sure I'd ever walk these halls again...

    Welcome back!
  3. Cassie Dainar

    Volunteer opportunities - Always hiring

    This thread will include information from the various department directors for volunteer opportunities that are always hiring. A listing of positions will be included in this post with subsequent posts from the directors with any additional details. Please direct any questions to the directors...
  4. Cassie Dainar

    Expectations for interactions on TarValon.Net platforms

    TarValon.Net has a highly diverse group of members. As such, it is probable that you will interact with individuals who have differing religions, nationalities, political views, gender and sexual identities, neurotypes, and more. It is also probable that you will not know any of these details...
  5. Cassie Dainar

    Quinlan Isindil

    Welcome back!
  6. Cassie Dainar


    Welcome to Tar Valon!
  7. Cassie Dainar

    Dianna Melear - You have been summoned!

  8. Cassie Dainar

    Fenya al'Caem - You have been summoned!

  9. Cassie Dainar

    Magnus Says Hi

    Welcome to the Tower Magnus!
  10. Cassie Dainar

    Spring Fling Interest Poll is up

    An interest poll has been posted in the Events forum here to gauge interest. Please go and vote if you are planning to attend.
  11. Cassie Dainar

    Announcing new Copywriting editors

  12. Cassie Dainar

    2022 Site Fundraiser: A Wheel of Carols

    Woohoo! I still need to donate myself. May be last minute because life is lifey
  13. Cassie Dainar

    Congrats to our new Green HoA!

  14. Cassie Dainar

    Announcing the New Guilds Coordinator

    Congratulations Ana!
  15. Cassie Dainar

    [Closed] Hiring: Green Head of Ajah -- Applications Due December 30th

    Thanks Tree and good luck applicants!
  16. Cassie Dainar

    [Open] Hiring: Conference Coordinator

    Thanks for your work in this role Rhed! Good luck to applicants
  17. Cassie Dainar

    Introducing the new Cordamora!

    Congratulations Tree!
  18. Cassie Dainar

    Congratulations to Tree and Alcyon!