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  1. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Fenya al'Caem - You have been summoned!

    YES!!! So glad you’re finally here!!
  2. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Dianna Melear - You have been summoned!

    Yay yay yay yay!!! Congrats and welcome, finally!
  3. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Magnus Says Hi

    Doh, thank ya kindly! :pleased-1: You aren’t too shabby yourself!:hug
  4. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Magnus Says Hi

    Hey! I know you! You don't suck. Congrats. Tell Alan to turn around.... (Magnus is my RL spouse, everyone! Ask him about the KC Chiefs, BBQ, WoT, DnD, and board games. @Kenith Sna'aps : he has arrived.)
  5. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Congratulations to our new Director of Membership!

    Missed this this weekend! Congratulations!!!
  6. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Congratulations to our new Servant of All Team!

    This is looking like a stellar crew! Congrats y’all!
  7. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Hello again everyone!

    Yay! Welcome back!!
  8. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Super excited for you!!

    Super excited for you!!
  9. Veriendha al'Riaha

    October - Down Syndrome Awareness Month

    Thank you for sharing @Juliya Karisu Sedai! And thank you for this month’s focus, Servant of All team!
  10. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Slightly controversial thread about Rand

    Ditto this! She absolutely develops into her own woman with her own goals, separate but tangential to Rand's objectives, and that's what made me start to like her in the end. I think Rand is, and will always remain, a wool-headed sheepherder, but the external and internal battles he faces does...
  11. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Event Masters

    Love the change!! Great thinking!
  12. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Hello! :)

    Welcome to Tar Valon! I don’t think you’re alone in having a long fantasy TBR…you’re in good company!
  13. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to Tar Valon! Love seeing new people thanks to the show!
  14. Veriendha al'Riaha


    Welcome back to TarValon!
  15. Veriendha al'Riaha


    Welcome to Tar Valon! It's great to have more join us thanks to the show!
  16. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Servant of all... Always!

    Ooo, I'm trying to find a Crew here when I live, but I think they're all Boy Scout troops. That's fine too, but I think the Venturing Crew does more outdoors. I'd love to tag a long and help out like you are! Do you know if you can donate platelets if you have low iron or blood pressure? I'd...
  17. Veriendha al'Riaha

    Oct 2022 Merits

    Congrats everyone on all your merits!
  18. Veriendha al'Riaha

    21st Anni Logo Merch!

    T-shirt ordered!