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  1. Bryher al'Venna

    Newbie here!!

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy the story as much as the rest of us did!
  2. Bryher al'Venna

    Long LOA mostly over....

    Welcome back! It's good to see you around.
  3. Bryher al'Venna

    All roads lead home...

    Welcome back
  4. Bryher al'Venna

    Congratulations Accepted Jahily!!!

    Congratulations, Jahily!
  5. Bryher al'Venna


  6. Bryher al'Venna

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Thanks, everyone! ^^
  7. Bryher al'Venna

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    After 10 years, it was time for a face-lift. From this: To this!
  8. Bryher al'Venna

    In Memoriam: Liam al'Eire

    Tai'shar al'Eire. I'm so sorry for his loss. :cry
  9. Bryher al'Venna

    Announcing Tar Valon Times Editor!

    Congratulations, Atarah! You'll be great! Thank you for all your hard work, Mai.
  10. Bryher al'Venna

    Announcing Anni 2020!

    This might have to be a thing!
  11. Bryher al'Venna

    Announcing Anni 2020!

    Oh, I may have to make this work. Anni AND the weekend before my birthday? Yesssss ... :fistbump
  12. Bryher al'Venna

    An Announcement: My retirement as Amyrlin

    Thank you for your service, Mother.
  13. Bryher al'Venna

    Congrats Aes Sedai Liam

    Congrats Liam! Welcome to the Shawl!
  14. Bryher al'Venna

    To my Tower family- Jaim al`Bearach

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Jaim was a wonderful man and I will always remember his smile, his laugh, and his sense of humor.
  15. Bryher al'Venna

    Congratulations, Accepted Fern!

  16. Bryher al'Venna

    Congratulations, Novice Mewl!

    Welcome to the Tower, Mewl! :joy