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  1. Zoul a'Nor

    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you!

    Welcome to TVN!
  2. Zoul a'Nor

    Congrats to Polegnyn and Alexr!

  3. Zoul a'Nor

    Hello Everybody!!!

    Welcome to the site, Robb! I haven't read anything by Shannon Messenger. Which book would you start with if you were a new Messenger reader?
  4. Zoul a'Nor

    Head of Red

  5. Zoul a'Nor

    Hello hello!

    Welcome @Yersinia al'Mycel !
  6. Zoul a'Nor

    Congratulations to the new Historians!

    Congrats... again!
  7. Zoul a'Nor

    Our New Tower Gatekeepers!

  8. Zoul a'Nor

    [Closed] Hiring: Tower Gatekeepers (x2)

    Makes sense - thanks for the info. I'll stop hijacking the thread, now :-)
  9. Zoul a'Nor

    [Closed] Hiring: Tower Gatekeepers (x2)

    Are there jobs that require being able to code?
  10. Zoul a'Nor

    Dark Style is now available!

    Well done!
  11. Zoul a'Nor

    Head of Blue

  12. Zoul a'Nor

    Reintroduction after many moons away

    Welcome back and nice to meet you!
  13. Zoul a'Nor


  14. Zoul a'Nor

    Zoul a'Nor - You have been summoned!

    Thank you, Mother!
  15. Zoul a'Nor

    Zoul a'Nor - You have been summoned!

    Thanks, everyone! If you need me, I assume I'll be in the kitchens scrubbing pots. @Alexr al'Petros don't worry, I'm sure there's a tunnel out of the Tower or something :-)