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  1. Aintza Bisera

    Congrats Raeviendha, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    Dats my Sister!!! Congrats Love!!!
  2. Aintza Bisera

    [Open] Hiring: Tar Valon Times Staff

    I'm sorry. Ive been and am on LoA due to being sick and family issue. I'll be back with everyone shortly.
  3. Aintza Bisera

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Is that Manon from ToG?
  4. Aintza Bisera

    Claire Al’Rahien - You have been summoned!

    Welcome welcome!!!
  5. Aintza Bisera

    [Open] Hiring: Tar Valon Times Staff

    Tomorrow is the last day!
  6. Aintza Bisera

    Nice to meet you

    Hi and welcome!!
  7. Aintza Bisera


  8. Aintza Bisera

    New Landing Page !

    Looks great!!! Happy to see all the hard work pay off! :hug
  9. Aintza Bisera

    Congratulations Aintza Bisera, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    I definitely didn't mean to have three announcements about myself on three days and then take over the Tower. :look: LOL.
  10. Aintza Bisera

    [Open] Hiring: Tar Valon Times Staff

    Bump. If you have any opinions about the TVT at all, now is the time to join or hold your peace :look: jk...maybe Time is not an issue. Even if you can only submit your thoughts and help the Think Tank, you are welcome.
  11. Aintza Bisera

    Hello Everyone!

  12. Aintza Bisera

    21st Anni Streaming Schedule

    @Qamra Daielin when you are back in Canada land! It should read: Master of Cones. :look:
  13. Aintza Bisera

    21st Anni Streaming Schedule

    I just wanted to give several huge shoutouts! First, thank you @Ahmyra al'Ruley for facilitating this with me and making this possible. Second, thank you to the cone Squad who showed up and had fun all weekend! It almost felt like we were there part of the time! And lastly but certainly not...
  14. Aintza Bisera

    Hello again : )

  15. Aintza Bisera

    Welcome Cinna Sedai!

    All hail the Patron Saint! Welcome to the shawl!!
  16. Aintza Bisera

    Congratulations, Soldier Rhyin!

    Woo congrats!!!