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  1. Imzadi Hopewind

    January 23 merits

    Congrats all! :joy:
  2. Imzadi Hopewind

    Eileanora Donohoei - You have been summoned!

    Welcome to the Tower :joy:
  3. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congrats Raeviendha, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    About time! Welcome home dear ^^
  4. Imzadi Hopewind

    Introducing the new Cordamora!

    Congrats Tree :joy:
  5. Imzadi Hopewind

    Analiese Sinclaer & Nebka Galyn!!!

    :joy: Congrats you two!
  6. Imzadi Hopewind

    Oct 2022 Merits

    Congrats all! :joy:
  7. Imzadi Hopewind

    MCA 2020 nominations

    We haven't left 2020 apparently... :shifty2: :giggle
  8. Imzadi Hopewind

    Maiden Hand Talk

    It may be, but we won't know until it's live ^^
  9. Imzadi Hopewind

    Maiden Hand Talk

    And will they base Maiden Talk on ASL or something very different? :cheese But can't wait to see it... Hope in S2. ^^
  10. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congratulations Delara Sedai

    Congrats Delara!
  11. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congratulations, Soldier Chiema!

    Congrats! :joy:
  12. Imzadi Hopewind

    [Closed] Hiring: Tar Valon Talks Staff

    The podkast should be available in written text as well...
  13. Imzadi Hopewind

    Welcome to Xenforo 2! Feedback Thread.

    I did, but still didn't show up until after I posted it... :cheeseeni:
  14. Imzadi Hopewind

    Welcome to Xenforo 2! Feedback Thread.

    :hug2: Thank you :pleased-1: (but the :pleased-1: doesn't show up at all, I had to click at the smiley-icon to make it come forward)... :shifty2: Edit: Weird, it did show up when I posted it... :cheeseeni: