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  1. Paxam Leratharn

    What could be cut from The Wheel of Time ?

    There's so much of the series that is the thought processes of the characters, that would all need to be adapted into action. So much of the "detail" about the magic system could just be thrown away -- there's not a way to represent it on screen. None-magic users don't see the magic -- so it's...
  2. Paxam Leratharn

    Err.. Hai.

    Thank you Viv, Raeviendha and hello, Sailea. Kerna: you've got an icon for MSN Messenger on your profile. Are they still a thing? :p
  3. Paxam Leratharn

    Err.. Hai.

    I was gone. I thought this place didn't matter to me anymore. I thought my life had moved past a point where I cared about it, or anyone here. I was deluding myself. I've never been gone from chat, really, but my presence there has increasingly become less than I want it to be, and my...
  4. Paxam Leratharn

    Announcing our new Director of Moderators/Ops

    So the title's changed? Congrats, Kelgan.
  5. Paxam Leratharn

    Hiring - Director of Moderators

    It's not been posted in there, I guess we could assume based on the moderators of those forums, but who pays attention to those sort of things?
  6. Paxam Leratharn

    Site maintenance, Saturday 4/27

    Guessing we're not on the Fremont DC? Lol. I'm still waiting for my hardware upgrades to VMs. May have to migrate.
  7. Paxam Leratharn

    The eve of the Last Battle. Who wants to reminisce?

    The scene I find the most moving is probably in The Shadow Rising where Perrin is told his family are dead. My favourite scene overall is probably Mat beating Gawyn and Galad, and Galad being too much of a wimp to bet.
  8. Paxam Leratharn

    Things you liked, or didn't [WHOLE BOOK SPOILERS]

    Cadsuane was neither though, was she? She didn't seem particularly interested in the who White Tower split, she was focused on young Mr. al'Thor.
  9. Paxam Leratharn

    What would you ask Brandon?

    I'd assume that if you had a way to force a channeller across the border into their lands, you would be able to reach an agreement with their emissary to arrange some form of payment.
  10. Paxam Leratharn

    What would you ask Brandon?

    Toral: Tuon did not agree to that. Mat sort of stepped in at that point and said something to the effect of "we can deal with this crap if we're still alive after the battle".
  11. Paxam Leratharn

    What would you ask Brandon?

    So, something that I'd ask: has Ishamael found his end?
  12. Paxam Leratharn

    The Three Oaths, going forwards.

    This isn't new information to the Aes Sedai, they've known all along that those with the title in the Age of Legends didn't swear on the rods (though they may not have known what it was used for). Siuan, Egwene and pretty much any other Aes Sedai who speaks on the topic vehemently holds to the...
  13. Paxam Leratharn

    What would you ask Brandon?

    She appears earlier than that in TGH.
  14. Paxam Leratharn

    What happened to...?

    Domon was with Egeanin for pretty much the entirety of the book, apart from a small section where she stands in for Gawyn. He is seen with Egeanin when she presents the seals to Logain.
  15. Paxam Leratharn

    Favourite Quotes Thread

    She didn't do much watching of the seals, though. It's questionable if she's even seen one since the end to EOTW.
  16. Paxam Leratharn

    How long did it last?

    We know there was time dilation going on, but what was the extent of it? Rand seemed to have perhaps less than hours. Thom (just outside the cavern) probably a little longer (he killed six people I think). Ituralde and Aviendha seemed to experience weeks if not months. Elayne experienced at...
  17. Paxam Leratharn

    *Spoilers* AMoL Ending Theory Discussion

    The Great Lords natural state is to be sealed or bound; not to be influencing the world as he does in later books. Remember that in TDR (the first book where the balance of ta'veren is described iirc) the Great Lord does exist. He is part of the world, and his small influence while bound is...
  18. Paxam Leratharn

    What moved you?

    At which point Elayne still has about three months to go. And I wouldn't think Birgitte would be reborn as the future Queen of Andor. It's not really her modus operandi, to be a noblewoman with massive armies at her command.