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  1. Dakota t'Liesinger Hoskins

    Post-AMoL Theories/Predictions/Headcanons?

    ***Spoiler warning for the whole darn series <3*** One of the things I find myself thinking about a lot is how the world would evolve post-AMoL. I have sooooo many thoughts, ranging from how Cadsuane would deal with the Hall of the Tower to what would happen with the Asha'man to the fate of...
  2. Dakota t'Liesinger Hoskins

    Why are (book) Aes Sedai so dang horrible?

    This is a rant post, not intended as an insult to the series of the writing of such, but to the characters themselves. Spoilers for at least book 7 are present here. So I'm on another read of WOT, I mostly listen during my ride to and from work with the lovely Michael Kramer and also Kate...
  3. Dakota t'Liesinger Hoskins

    What kind of Amyrlin do you think she was?

    Just the title. I have a personal headcanon that she was extremely spiteful, but in a way that the Tower needed severely. Her lack of regard for other Aes Sedai, and her outright animosity at being raised Amyrlin would be an excellent opportunity for her to force some much needed changes. For...
  4. Dakota t'Liesinger Hoskins

    Dak t'Liesinger Hoskins, at your service.

    Greetings, everyone! My name is Dakota (or Dak for short, as most call me) Hoskins, and am overjoyed to make all of your acquaintances. I am 22, I hail from the United States (Indiana, to be specific) and the Wheel of Time series means a lot to me. I am engaged to be married (I know I'm not IRL...