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    Mesaana, Moghedien, Egwene, TAR and the a'dam

    I've finished the series and have been mulling over some things. During the Battle in Tel'aran'rhiod Mesaana puts an a'dam around Egwene's neck. She (Egwene) finally realises that since she is in TAR it isn't truly real and thus makes it 'disappear'. In book 5? Moghedien and Nynaeve have an...
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    On Verin and her actions

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    Suggestion (may not even be feasible)

    On a gaming forum I used to be a member of they had something similar to the "Post Icons" this forum has, however you could apply it to any members posts, and they could see what people thought of it. Some of the options were: informative, funny, agree, disagree, good idea etc. and they had an...
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    I see you, fellow WoT enthusiasts