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  1. Mieriana Souvra

    Relief for Hurricane Ian

    I have lived through what the people of Fort Myers are going through right now, and I need to find a way to help them. I have put together a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money for Project HOPE, which is a group that is responding to the emergency situation in Florida. Please consider donating...
  2. Mieriana Souvra

    Welcoming the Fall Hall!

    Thank you to the Spring Hall for all your work! It is time for the Fall Hall to begin. Welcome to our new and returning Sitters & Councillors! Blue: Juliya Karisu and Leilwyn al'Raen Brown: Yelenia Hylraren and Rhed al'Tere Gray: Siera al'Cere and Imzadi Hopewind Green: Arisaema Draconis and...
  3. Mieriana Souvra

    2021 Membership Survey

    It's time! The Membership Survey is back, and we want to hear from you! The survey will close at 10pm EDT on June 30th. For those of you who are newer to TarValon.Net and have not seen the Membership Survey before, it is a form consisting of questions related to your experience at...
  4. Mieriana Souvra

    Thank You, Volunteers!

    We wanted to take a minute to recognize the great work accomplished by the fantastic volunteers this past year! Thank you! See below a list of completed efforts by our teams. Some of these will be ongoing, plus we have more in progress & upcoming! Member Activity Improvements Book discussion...
  5. Mieriana Souvra

    The Spring Hall is in Session!

    Thank you to the outgoing Fall Hall!! Welcome to the incoming Spring Hall! These folks have been seated for the spring term, which lasts from April 1 through Sept 30. Blue: Leo Kian and Sonea Ilandred Brown: Zashara Sho'am and Rhed al'Tere Gray: Ashara Koh'inor and Imzadi Hopewind Green...
  6. Mieriana Souvra

    2020 Keeper Awards!

    Since it is Awards Season, let's do some awards. :) Please join me in congratulating the winners of our 2020 Keeper Awards!!! Admin of the Year @Barmacral Tigana has been a stellar Master of the Watch. He is on top of everything, quick to respond and has developed a deep familiarity with our...
  7. Mieriana Souvra

    Announcing our new Co-Director of Technology

    Please welcome @Mendo Cath as our new Co-Director of Technology! He will work together with @Deoan Kakarot to head up our Department of Technology. For those of you who aren't sure about how a co-directorship would work, don't fret! We've discussed how it will work for them and will continue...
  8. Mieriana Souvra

    Announcing our new Director of Marketing!

    Please join me in congratulating @Aleita Taviah as the new Director of Marketing! Aleita has done a phenomenal job in her position as the TVT Editor. She has tons of experience with Marketing and some incredible ideas. I have no doubt she will keep our momentum going and lead us to great...
  9. Mieriana Souvra

    [Closed] Hiring: Co-Director of Technology

    There are some positions at the Tower which require a skill set and time commitment which can be difficult for a single person to maintain over time, yet the workload does not lend itself well to being split. The Director of Technology is one such position. The branches of Technology need to...
  10. Mieriana Souvra

    [Closed] Hiring Director of Marketing

    Since Alenya has shifted over to Membership, we need a new Director of Marketing! This is an Executive level position, reporting directly to the Keeper of the Chronicles. Duties and Responsibilities Function as a member of the Executive Team Handles administration tasks for the Department...
  11. Mieriana Souvra

    Announcing our new Director of Membership!

    Please join me in congratulating @Alenya Al'Roran as the new Director of Membership! We had seven qualified applicants for this position and each shared a unique, valuable perspective on the role. Thank you all again for your interest and enthusiasm, and thank you again @Sa'areah Britthorn for...
  12. Mieriana Souvra

    [Closed] Hiring: Head of Yellow Ajah

    Thank you for your service, Fern!!! The Head of Ajah is the membership administrator for all Aes Sedai of the Ajah. The HoA watches over them, guides them, deals with administrative issues with them, keeps track of them, and settles any disputes while encouraging them to remain active and...
  13. Mieriana Souvra

    Zashara Sho'am and Venric Methalion!

    Zashara Sho'am and Venric Methalion are Bonded in the Light, before the Amyrlin Seat, to join together in the fight against the shadow! Congratulations!!!! This was the most epic bond application I have ever seen. :)
  14. Mieriana Souvra

    Happening Now: Virtual Escape Room in Discord!

    Head on over to Discord and hop into the fun. Our delightful Game Masters have prepared a fun Virtual Escape Room for us!!! This is going on right now, come join. :)...
  15. Mieriana Souvra

    [Closed] Hiring: Director of Membership

    Our beloved @Sa'areah Britthorn is hanging up her hat as the Director of Membership, and so we are hiring a replacement for this position. After nearly a decade of service in one of the most critical jobs in our community, she is going to take some well-deserved time back for herself! Please...
  16. Mieriana Souvra

    Demotions & Bond Dissolutions

    This thread is for informational purposes only. If you see a mistake, or think I've missed you, please email so I can update it for you. The following demotions have been approved as of Jan 19: Izabella Serra :white Nebka Galyn :yellow Morrighan Daghdera :green Syera Faelron...
  17. Mieriana Souvra

    NEW! Pronoun Field

    It has been requested that we enable a field where members can input which gender pronouns they prefer to be known by. It took some work, but our Technology team was able to get this done for us. Thanks, team! Some of you have already noticed it, but for those that haven't- the field is enabled...
  18. Mieriana Souvra

    Fall Hall is in Session!

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the late announcement, but these folks started their term in the Hall as of Oct. 1! Thanks to you all for volunteering your time! Blue: Sonea Ilandred and Morgana Arakos Brown: Eluial Aldaran and Thaddius Al'Guy Gray: Elyss Koh'inor and Marivea al'Corriyi Green: Tree and...
  19. Mieriana Souvra

    [Closed] Hiring: Mayor

    The term is up for our wonderful Mayor, @Jahily al'Karee , and so the time comes for us to choose a new Mayor to lead our Citizens! Thank you for all you have done, Jahily- you have done some really great work! Description: The Mayor is our first contact for new members and is almost always...
  20. Mieriana Souvra

    Shaoman 2020 Has Begun!

    Shaoman has begun! Head on over to the Faire Grounds for some really fun games and puzzles!