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  1. Elanda Tonil

    Resignation of the Cordamora

    Thank you for your time and efforts, Morri. It’s been a pleasure to work with you in Mediation. :hug
  2. Elanda Tonil

    Minor Procedural change to Un-affiliating a Senior Membership Group

    Thanks, Morri! Here's my gif tribute:
  3. Elanda Tonil

    Congratulations to our new Guild Coordinator - Alora Sionn

    :joy: Congrats!!! You’re going to rock this!! :dance:
  4. Elanda Tonil

    Hiring: Card Game Development Team

    It’s gameplay based on a different game so it’s mostly coming up with cards, or is it working on the game design too?
  5. Elanda Tonil

    Good day!

    Welcome!! I live in Vermont, so we’re basically neighbors! :lol I’m homeschooling my kids too! I love coming across other homeschoolers! Not waiting between books is definitely a perk! I have several series I plan to read…once they’re finished so I don’t have to wait. :lol So far, do you...
  6. Elanda Tonil

    New Merch Drop!

    Oooo! Those flip flops are awesome!
  7. Elanda Tonil

    Congratulations to Tomeina, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    :joy Congratulations, Tomeina!!! :joy
  8. Elanda Tonil

    New Head of the White Ajah

    Congratulations, Kelgan! You're going to be a marvelous HoA! :fistbump
  9. Elanda Tonil

    Announcing the New Copywriting Assistant

    :joy Congrats, Stasia!! :dance
  10. Elanda Tonil

    Congratulations to our new Marketing Project Manager!

    Congrats, Nem!! You’re going to rock that position! :joy
  11. Elanda Tonil

    TarValon.Net's One Word Reviews!

    Inconsistencies! \o/
  12. Elanda Tonil

    S1E8, The Eye of the World, with book spoilers

    At this point, I’m upset (meaning sad, not angry) enough that I might not give them episode 1 of season 2. This episode is exactly the type of thing that was making me want to completely ignore the series. :( I’ve spent all evening looking for the positives and the only positive for me was I...
  13. Elanda Tonil

    I'm back and I have long hair now!

    Welcome back, Gwyn! It’s been a while!
  14. Elanda Tonil

    S1E7 “The Dark Along the Ways” —w/Book Spoilers

    I think I figured out what bugs me most about the Perrin/Rand/Egwene triangle. They were in the middle of deciding if they were going to go to confront the Dark One, who is threatening to summon forth millions of trollocs to swarm the land, burning cities, slaughtering and eating everyone...
  15. Elanda Tonil

    Introducing our Next Keeper of the Chronicles!

    Congratulations, Erin! You’re going to rock the job!
  16. Elanda Tonil

    Nebka Galyn, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah

    Congratulations, Nebka!!
  17. Elanda Tonil

    S1E7 “The Dark Along the Ways” —w/Book Spoilers

    We found out why Laila was so upset! That's been bugging me all season! She knew Perrin had a thing for Egwene (in the show-world) and that she was his second choice. That's why she didn't go to Egwene's braid ceremony or to the party at the Winespring Inn, why Nynaeve basically told him to go...
  18. Elanda Tonil

    Ahmyra al'Ruley, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

    Congrats, Ahmyra!! :hug