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  1. Gedhan Audax

    Board of Directors Chairperson for 2023

    Congrats Alora.
  2. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations, Soldier Linkelivar!

    Congratulations, I look forward to greeting you when you visit the Den.
  3. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulation to Dar'Jen, Gaidin of VC!

    Congrats Dar! Welcome to the Pack Broster.
  4. Gedhan Audax

    New Company Commander for Val Cueran

    Congrats Mama Wolf.
  5. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations to our new Social Media Manager!

    Congrats Bruce, thanks for stepping up for this duty. Well done Mentee.
  6. Gedhan Audax

    An Announcement: My retirement as Amyrlin

    Sad to see you go; many thanks for your work for our community.
  7. Gedhan Audax

    Well Hi!

    Hi Jocasta, welcome to the site.
  8. Gedhan Audax

    Members Choice Voting

    An interesting set of awards this year.
  9. Gedhan Audax

    Dovienya el'Korim and Rand al'Ren

  10. Gedhan Audax

    Many thanks Jarl. How is the life of a recruit suiting you?

    Many thanks Jarl. How is the life of a recruit suiting you?
  11. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations Accepted Adanys!

    Do ye but speak my name and I shall fall alseep in thy thread. Congrats Adanys.
  12. Gedhan Audax

    In Memoriam: Reianna al'Namere

    Always sad to hear of a member's passing. My condolences to her friends on the site and to the Green Ajah.
  13. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations Reniel Gaidin!

    Congratulations Ren, great news!
  14. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations Alora Gaidin!

    Congrats Ex-Mentee!
  15. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations Ashara Sedai!

    Congratulations Ashara Sedai.
  16. Gedhan Audax

    Announcing Our New Online Activities Coordinator!

    Congrats Mentee, I'm sure that you'll be amazing in this role. Cheers for all the hard work Amarande.
  17. Gedhan Audax

    Euriel Than and Naedys Channira!!!

    Congratulations Euriel and Naedys.
  18. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations, Novice Cahr

    Congratulations Cahr, welcome to the Tower.
  19. Gedhan Audax


    Welcome to the community Cahr.
  20. Gedhan Audax

    Congratulations Ixialdor Gaidin!

    Congrats Ixi