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  1. Dorian Rei

    VERY first impressions of WoT

    Hey all! I'm really new to the site, and to WoT. So forgive me if this thread has been done before! I'm also so new that I just started EotW for the first time ever today (don't judge!!!). I'm not far in - only a couple chapters, but I wanted to share my first impression, and maybe start some...
  2. Dorian Rei

    Hi! New account, giving Tar Valon a 2nd try. :)

    Hello! I'm Dorian. I made an account last summer, but never really went anywhere with it. I decided to come back because I graduated from university and suddenly have a ton of free time (between looking for work)! I'm just now starting my first ever read through of WoT! :D And that along with...