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May 12, 2016
Nov 6, 2013
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Tethys al'Lune

from Eastern coast of the US

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May 12, 2016
    1. Neria Hawke
      Neria Hawke
      Hi Tethys! Just want to see how you're doing :) If there's anything you need help with or want to chat about, don't hesitate to send me a Visitor Message or PM :)

      Also, there's a Citizen Class that's just started. It's specially for Citizens to learn about our community and it's being taught by our wonderful Mayor :D
    2. Jahily al'Karee
      Jahily al'Karee
      Nope just hang out and it will happen. :) it can take a few days, depending on when folks have time to log in and make changes.
    3. Jahily al'Karee
      Jahily al'Karee
      Hi Tethys! :)

      My name is Jahily al'Karee, and I'm a member of the Welcome Committee. We are so glad to have you as a part of the TarValon community! Please visitor message me at any time if you need any help finding your way around.

      Some good places to start are the stickies in the introduction section (where you posted your thread). Also if you click on the Library and go through the membership manual that has a lot of great info. Click here.

      I saw that you already applied for Citizenship, which will grant you access to more places on the site. If you have questions about that process or next steps please holler at me anytime. ^^

      Again, welcome and enjoy yourself!!
    4. Enelya al'Morna
      Enelya al'Morna
      Thanks Tethys! Your avatar is beautiful too - nice choice :D (Did this work as a reply to you? :look I don't normally do visitor messages!)
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    I aspire to be Aes Sedai and am excited to begin my adventure in Tar Valon. I was born in New England, moved to the midwest for a few years during my childhood, and then returned to the East Coast. I lived in Boston for a period of time for college. I currently live along the ocean, and think that I'll always end up living near the water.

    Reading, hiking, building, learning, exploring


    Charis Sedai is my Mentor-Type-Person