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  • You'd be surprised! :laugh: But in all seriousness, take it at your own pace, whatever makes you feel comfortable, really. We will be here. :D
    Oh, I do understand. I was in a similar situation when I first joined, but with time, you get to know the people here, and you gradually become more comfortable. :pleased-1: Nobody is rushing or forcing you - we are simply glad to have you around, and we hope that you choose to stay.
    Let me tell you, you are never intruding! What I personally believe makes this community so fantastic is that there is a nook and a niche for everyone, and everyone does their best to be welcoming and polite, even when expressing opinions that would otherwise just be a can of worms, really. So, please try not to feel as if you are intruding. If you see something you want to reply to, a conversation you want to join, do not hesitate.
    Hello, Tarbardar. :D

    Are you enjoying the forums so far? You almost have enough posts to apply for Citizenship, and that will just give you an excuse to hang around us even more, what with all the new threads that will open up to you. :laugh: If you need anything, by the way, any help or just a chat, I am here.

    I hope you've been having a great week so far!
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