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  • Hello, Rohanderin, and welcome (back) to Tar Valon! First off I must apologize for my terrible lateness in welcoming you

    We the Welcoming Committee - myself and Kveldof Tikvah - are here to help you in your re-journey into the Hallowed Halls of Tar Valon. The first thing you should do is read the Membership Manual, as well as the stickied threads on the boards you visit - there are answers to nearly all the questions you may have in there. If, after reading through it, you still have some questions, feel free to message either of us and we will do our very best to help you.

    It is so very good to have you back, we hope you enjoy your time here and choose to stay again
    Hey, congrats on making Citizen! Looks like your permissions just haven't been updated yet ;) Send me a PM once you get the ability!

    - Kitan Sedai :D
    Hi Roh, I'm Roh. :D Thanks for the warm welcome it's much appreciated I'm not exactly new I've been here a while just been on a secret tower mission. ;) I remember when most of the aes sedai were novices :P
    Hi, welcome to Tar Valon!

    I'm Roheryn, or Roh, and I'm a member of the welcoming committee. Which basically means if you have any problems or just fancy a chat I'm always available, so don't be shy and drop me a pm
    I'm here to help you get on your feet. There are two other members of the committee, Theolyn Maryash, and Mirandha Lahflor who would also be happy to help.

    I suggest that you read all the stickies, you'll find them at the top of each forum. You've come to the right place to meet other WoT fans, you'll no doubt find a lot of interesting threads about the forums where you can share you ideas and give opinions. It's great! Don't be afraid to just jump into threads, we all felt nervous at the start, but trust me we're a very friendly bunch!

    Good luck on gaining citizenship! All you need is 25 posts to apply then you're given access to a lot more forums!!

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