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  • Serenla Sedai does think that my avatars is probably one that I will not get permission to use. She said mist game art is unusable. So I will need to take time to find one that isn't being used currently. It will probably take until tomorrow. Ill send it to you when I find one :) thanks for your help with this
    Leira I apologize for giving you incorrect information... the Membership director is the person to contact regarding name changes. I'm so glad you've found a name you like. :hug I look forward to seeing you around! When you get your 25 posts, be sure to apply for Citizenship! :hug
    Ok, I think we probably have this fixed now. Lira is a character from the books and those names cannot be used either. So, something like Liria or something similar would be fine. Whew. :laugh: Just email the mayor and she can change it for you. :hug
    I don't see anyone with Lira, but there is a Lirenia. Email the Mayor at mayor@tarvalon.net and see if Lira would be allowed. :hug I went through the same thing when I joined. I had to change names like three times and avatars once. :facepalm We'll get you straightened out in no time! :laugh: Let me know if I can help in any other way at all. :hug
    Hi Lyra! :welcome I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but the name you've chosen is already being used by another member. :( You'll need to pick another one. :hug I do love your prospective avatar! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know ok?
    Yeah :) there are some lists of different sites that have pics that we have permission to use, I'm not sure how to easily make sure no one has taken it but if all else fails post it in your welcome topic and someone will let you know if its free :laugh: you can use any pic you find as long as you can contact the artist and get their permission, or if its in the public domain :) the sizing requirements are also in the avatar thread in intro :D hope that helps!
    Hey! Welcome to Tar Valon! I'm your friendly neighborhood Welcoming Committee member, here to welcome you to our fair city :pleased-1: If you need help finding an avatar, learning how to become a citizen, or need a sig check out the stickies in the Intro Forum (or you could ask me, I like helping people ;)) Once you get 25 posts you can apply to be a citizen and then have access to far more forums than you do now! If you have any questions at all just poke me, and make yourself at home :hug
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