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Apr 18, 2021
Sep 11, 2013
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Anarie De'Thain

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Help! The RL monster is getting me! Lol May 18, 2019

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Apr 18, 2021
    1. Anarie De'Thain
      Anarie De'Thain
      Help! The RL monster is getting me! Lol
    2. Anarie De'Thain
      Anarie De'Thain
      This is the cold that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friends. :lol
    3. Ariadne Davion
      Ariadne Davion
      <3 *driveby hugs!* :hug
    4. Maktul
      and three months later....I am back, looking for something specific -chuckles- :geek
    5. Zanus Athara
      Zanus Athara
      You are right, I have just made a post and it appeared. Thanks for all your help.
    6. Zanus Athara
      Zanus Athara
      I have looked at my profile and it says I have a signature and I can see it, however when I look at my actual posts I do not see my signature underneath...
    7. Zanus Athara
      Zanus Athara
      Yep that is the right code. You deserve the credit, I really like it, and I didn't even ask for it :) .
    8. Zanus Athara
      Zanus Athara
      I have it all set up now, I wrote underneath "Courtesy of Anarie De'Thain", I can embolden your name, but I can't find the right shade for your name, by any chance do you know the codenumber for the colour? If not the name of the colour, because I may just have missed it when I was experimenting...
    9. Zanus Athara
      Zanus Athara
      My goodness! Thank you do much :D It looks really nice. Everybody is so nice and has made me feel so welcome :)
    10. Sofia K'omorebi
      Sofia K'omorebi
      Hello! Thank you for the head up, I realise I misread the instructions for the avatar - I though the size was supposed to be 110x117 for some reason! I've fixed it now, thank you :)
      I'll make sure to check out the Citizens class, I'm looking forward to it! Thank you again for the message - I'm glad I found too :D I'm still slightly amazed at how welcoming everyone has been.
    11. Ashara Koh'inor
      Ashara Koh'inor
      Thank you for your welcome and helpful hints (had NO clue about the chat room). I am not sure how, but I must have missed your visitor message initially because I just realized it was here so please forgive me if I seemed aloof or uninterested. I can be completely absorbed and still be a total ditz at times - I blame it on the moon. I have enjoyed the threads so far, especially the Bonfire one because it seems to get the most responses. It seems I am interested in a lot of threads that haven't been used in a while so it is possible that I have commented on many things that just aren't being seen. While I am generally somewhat of an introvert, I do love talking when I find people I have common interests with such as WOT, etc. So, I may need to reign in my enthusiasm a bit, or as I mentioned to Luna, I run the risk of seeming like a rather excited puppy (not very dignified).
      Thank you again for your warm welcome.
    12. Elyss Koh'inor
      Elyss Koh'inor
      Great! Thank you so much for all of your help Anarie!
    13. Elyss Koh'inor
      Elyss Koh'inor
      Thanks Anarie! I'll keep the signature idea in mind. I'm not quite sure how to create/use a signature, and I'm not even sure I'm allowed one at the guest level. That is on my list of things to figure out as I go along. ;)

      Thanks again!
    14. Elyss Koh'inor
      Elyss Koh'inor
      Hello Anarie! (Do you have a title? I'm not sure...) Thank you for messaging me.
      I've found some pretty interesting forums so far, and the only issue I'm finding is that I don't want to leave!
      I do have a quick question. I've contacted the artist of my avatar, and hopefully will hear back from her soon. Do I post anything with the permission, or do I just tuck it away in case of any issues arising?
    15. Grimketill Arjuna
      Grimketill Arjuna
      Greetings Anarie! I made citizen the last time I was here and remember having a lot of fun, every one I met here was really nice and friendly, and I am sure none of that has changed. Judging by all the warm welcomes I have been getting I would say it hasn't.
    16. Grimketill Arjuna
      Grimketill Arjuna
      Hello Anarie, thank you for the warm welcome, I really enjoyed my previous time on the site but life got in the way, I am hoping to make some new friends and find some high adventure now that I am back.
    17. Derwyn Vala
      Derwyn Vala
      Thank you for the welcome! I am enjoying the site so far and I look forward to citizenship!
    18. Della Toren
      Della Toren
      Hey! Thank you again for your kind and wise words :) I look forward to seeing you around. ^_^
    19. Marivea al'Corriyi
      Marivea al'Corriyi
      I saw your post in the webcomics/fanfic rec thread and had to say welcome to the site! :)
    20. Padron Kerenmosa
      Padron Kerenmosa
      Welcome back to the site!
      Let me point a few things for you as a member of the welcome committe:
      1. The site is working on vBulletin now so its a bit different than it used to be. Dont hesitate to contact me if you want any help.:p
      2. You Avatar is in the wrong size; It should be 110X170.
      3. You cant send private messages until you are a citizen. You can use the Visitor Messages option instead until than.
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