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  • There are two ways :) The first one is to put their URL code (if the pictures are upload somewhere in the Internet) as a link using the little planet Earth icon you are gonna find next to the emoticons but what is easier and most of us do is {SPOILER}{/SPOILER} This way the picture would be hidden and won't take a lot of space in your post and when someone wants to see it they will click on the Spoiler and see the picture in full size :) Hope I was helpful.

    Again the {} are [] ^^
    I hear you on the injuries front... if my fiance wasn't amazing at massaging my back pain away, there are days that I just wouldn't be able to ride... I taught for a while, right now I'm more of a working student. I'm probably going to start teaching again in late August/early September.

    They all sound adorable! I'd love to see pics!
    Not at all!! I love getting to know new people!

    Well, what to say about my OTTBs...
    The older one is named Carlo (After Hours in the show ring), and I've had him for eight years. He has been my best friend since I got him, even if he is more food motivated... He's semi-retired right now since he's 22 and enjoying trying dressage with my mom because founder in both front feet keeps him from jumping much.
    The younger is Carmelo Starbuckle, Melo for short. He's almost three years off the track and is ten. I bought him almost straight off the track and have done all the training myself. I hope to start showing him in the 3' jumpers this year.

    Why don't you tell me more about your guys? English, western? Just for fun, or so you do any competing? I know you said you teach...
    You are welcome :hug If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask. Have in mind that once you reach 25 posts (I see you already have 15 :D ) you can apply for citizenship which will reveal some new fun forums for you :pleased-1: For more information check here :D
    Oh, sorry I am so oblivious from time to time :laugh: You need to put the link between {CENTER} {/CENTER} (putting everything that is now in sig. field I mean the link with the ) Just copy the whole sig and paste it between them. I hope you understood me :)

    Just use the [] instead of {}, I can't post it the other way :lol
    I think there's no one with a similar avi :) Btw if you want your signature to appear in the center, you need to put the link between
    . Don't worry it will take you some time to get used to the technical stuff :pleased-1:

    Here's your avi, I hope it's well cut, if there is a problem, I'll fix it :)

    You click with the right mouse button on the signature and choose 'Copy image URL' Then you paste it wherever you like (in the sig rotator for instance) :)
    Hello, Ahmyra, and welcome to Tar Valon! :D

    I understand that the way this community works is a tiny bit confusing at first, until you learn the ropes at least. Which is why the Welcoming Committee - Sailea (to whom you've already spoken), Jeem Al'Cazar and I - are here to make you comfortable. The first thing you should do is read the Membership Manual, as well as the stickied threads on the boards you visit - there are answers to nearly all the questions you may have in there. If, after reading through it, there is still something unclear, feel free to message either three of us and we will do our very best to help you. Oh, and you should avoid "multiposting", as in, posting yourself several times in a row. There is a "multiquote" button right after the "reply with quote" button; it is your friend. ;)

    It is so very good to have you, we hope you enjoy your time here and choose to stay.
    You did a splendid job with the Visitor Messages :) Some people have troubles with them :giggle I will make you a few signatures and you can use a signature rotator ( I use http://sig.grumpybumpers.com/) You can put the link to your sigs here and everytime you post or open a thread you have posted in a different signature will be shown ^^ In the Introductions forum you can see the requirement for your avatar and you can look here for one http://drakonis.org/ (you just need to resize it or I can do it for you) oh and to be sure no one else is using it. :D Hope I was helpful ^^
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