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  1. Fern Al'Thorn
  2. Guilty the Forsaken
    Guilty the Forsaken
    I was Chosen by the Great Lord to be Nae Blis
  3. Fern Al'Thorn
    Fern Al'Thorn
    Coffee..... I always need more..
  4. Polegnyn Nemeara
  5. Kymo Ambray
    Kymo Ambray
    Apparently I am coffee...
  6. Kaizu Lancari
  7. Fern Al'Thorn
    Fern Al'Thorn
    T-minus 10 days until Fall Ball!! Look out Mitten folks, here I come! :D
  8. Nebka Galyn
    Nebka Galyn
    Life's a Journey, Not a destination...
  9. Polegnyn Nemeara
    Polegnyn Nemeara Chaelca Trevelyan
    Happy birthday, Chaelca Sedai!
  10. Kalis Flynn
    Kalis Flynn
    Sword and shield need dusting off
  11. Thoridyss Wyborn
    Thoridyss Wyborn Caerwyn Jolan
    Happy Birthday! :hug
  12. Kalis Flynn
    Kalis Flynn
    Wanting Rum and Rick music
  13. Thoridyss Wyborn
    Thoridyss Wyborn
    Thank you Poly, How thoughtful and kind of you.
  14. Almira ni'Caldazare
    Almira ni'Caldazare
    Trying to get used to new cell phone...
  15. Fionandra al'Sintara
    Fionandra al'Sintara Sa'areah Britthorn
    Greetings! I need to change me username, but can't seem to find a way to edit this myself. Any help would be great!
  16. Dnae Ila
    Dnae Ila Ealandrelle Melyma
    Happy birthday, mentor mine!
    1. Ealandrelle Melyma
      Ealandrelle Melyma
      Thank you!
      Sep 22, 2017
  17. Martinis Clarkey
    Martinis Clarkey Ealandrelle Melyma
    Happy birthday Ealandrelle Sedai
    1. Ealandrelle Melyma
      Ealandrelle Melyma
      Thank you Martinis :)
      Sep 21, 2017
  18. Polegnyn Nemeara
    Polegnyn Nemeara Ealandrelle Melyma
    Happy birthday! :hug
    1. Ealandrelle Melyma
      Ealandrelle Melyma
      Thank you!! :D
      Sep 21, 2017
  19. Dnae Ila
    Dnae Ila
    I want a hot cocoa as big as my head.
  20. Polegnyn Nemeara
    Polegnyn Nemeara Thoridyss Wyborn
    Happy birthday, Thoridyss Sedai!