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  1. Mendo Cath
  2. Alyria Savoinya
    Alyria Savoinya
    Going shack whacky
    1. Madhar al'Thera
      Madhar al'Thera
      Is that worse than cabin fever?
      Apr 3, 2020 at 9:31 PM
  3. Martinis Clarkey
    Martinis Clarkey Ann cooper
    I am not sure check with others on the site chat to others as my profile ported across from another older system
    1. Polegnyn Nemeara
      Polegnyn Nemeara
      Clicking on one's username in the upper right will cause a dropdown menu to appear. Click "Avatar" in that new menu :)
      Apr 1, 2020 at 11:00 AM
  4. Lyndo Shiranui
    Lyndo Shiranui
    Listening Per Aspera Ad Astra right now...
  5. Leira Galene
    Leira Galene
    What day is it
    1. Elia LePhant
      Elia LePhant
      A day.
      Mar 31, 2020 at 12:51 PM
    2. Leira Galene
      Leira Galene
      Are you sure?
      Mar 31, 2020 at 1:22 PM
    3. Elia LePhant
      Elia LePhant
      Mar 31, 2020 at 1:34 PM
  6. Par Haghaidren
    Par Haghaidren
    Current Status: (None)
  7. Arevori
    sip, sip, dips paintbrush in her teacup. curses.
    1. Ephrem Elpidius
      Ephrem Elpidius
      painting sounds like so much fun! might see if I can get my niece outside, setup a picnic table in our backyard and enjoy some painting today! she loves to paint... actually I need to relax, that might help me a lot right now lol
      Mar 30, 2020
  8. Mieriana Souvra
    Mieriana Souvra
    Join us in the Faire Grounds!
    1. Ann cooper
      Ann cooper
      How do I know when I will be accepted then
      Mar 31, 2020 at 8:08 PM
  9. Narysse a'Jahar
    Narysse a'Jahar
    :grouphug Take the time to sketch the roses and notice their colors as well as the smell.
  10. Mieriana Souvra
    Mieriana Souvra
    Tower Party at 6pm EDT this Saturday!
    1. Ilverin Matriam
      Ilverin Matriam
      wohoo partay!
      Mar 25, 2020
  11. Melisa Céliane
  12. Narysse a'Jahar
    Narysse a'Jahar
    Daily meditation: Audiobooks and something with yarn.
  13. Aran Cherubim
    Aran Cherubim
    Holy crap today I learnt that this profile post thing is a thing. wtf.
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    2. Ephrem Elpidius
      Ephrem Elpidius
      Joined 2006... wtf indeed. :D
      Mar 21, 2020
    3. Mieriana Souvra
      Mieriana Souvra
      Mar 22, 2020
    4. Jocasta Braithe
      Mar 23, 2020
  14. Narysse a'Jahar
    Narysse a'Jahar
    Daily meditation: Deep breaths and mindfully drink a cup of tea. Breathe in. Breathe out. Flame and Void.
    1. Elia LePhant
      Elia LePhant
      Thank you for the reminder. Going to practice mindfulness when I have my tea today. <3
      Mar 19, 2020
  15. Erin al'Denael
    Erin al'Denael
    By the power of chai!
    1. Alora Sionn
      Alora Sionn
      The one true tea to rule them all!
      Mar 18, 2020
  16. Jocasta Braithe
    Jocasta Braithe
    I've accidentally shut down my laptop three times today. #Monday
    1. Ephrem Elpidius
      Ephrem Elpidius
      That is an amazing skillset Jocasta!!! Your face after the third time would have been absolute gold, lol
      Mar 16, 2020
  17. Elania al'Manir
    Elania al'Manir
    "It's all about finding the calm in chaos." -Donna Karan
  18. Ephrem Elpidius
    Ephrem Elpidius
    I am an artist, my canvas the Cosmos, my paintbrush... imagination.
    1. Thaddius al'Guy
      Thaddius al'Guy
      What is your paint?
      Mar 14, 2020
    2. Ephrem Elpidius
      Ephrem Elpidius
      Hmm good question Thaddius, I guess the proper development of the frontal cortex over a 26 year period is my paint. hehehe
      Mar 14, 2020
  19. Narysse a'Jahar
    Narysse a'Jahar
    School going digital to add to the mess, CHECK. Sigh. :desk. #classmom
  20. Jocasta Braithe
    Jocasta Braithe
    Every single thing tugs at my heartstrings. :(
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    2. Leala al'Dareis
      Leala al'Dareis
      *tugs into a hug*
      Mar 11, 2020
    3. Ephrem Elpidius
      Ephrem Elpidius
      *airhugs all of you cause of coronavirus* my hugs come through the air only...there just sent out three of them!
      Mar 12, 2020
    4. Jocasta Braithe
      Jocasta Braithe
      Air hugs are best hugs.
      Mar 13, 2020