• Letter from the Editor

    Welcome to the February edition of the Tar Valon Times! I hope you're enjoying your winter (or summer, for those on the opposite side of the world). Here in Maryland it should be very cold and we should have ice and snow ... but the weather has been bizarre, and instead we have temperatures in the 40s-50s (F).

    This month we invite your to participate in our first TVT Mad Libs. We look forward to the crazy story you'll help us create! We also present a recap of the first ever TarValon.Net Mafia Invitational - of which I was a part, and it was a blast. Our Member Spotlight features Katherine Sedai of the Red Ajah. If you don't know Kaths, you're missing out. And we review the new game Joking Hazard - find out if it is one you want to pick up for your collection!

    We hope you enjoy this edition of the TVT ... happy reading!