• January Wrap-Up

    January was a busy month for TarValon.Net! One of our longest running Recruits continued further into the Tower’s ranks, we welcomed several new Company Commanders and Heads of Ajahs, and our annual Feast of Lights closed. Take a look over past events and catch up on the news with this month’s wrap-up.


    10 Jan: Kerwin Thaumiel passed the test to become a Soldier.
    13 Jan: Agor Narsil was summoned to the Tower to begin Novice training.


    3 Jan: Barmacral Tigana announced as Company Commander of Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb.
    3 Jan: Brandon Tataru announced as the returning Company Commander of Dai M’Hael.
    3 Jan: Samarasin Tavaral announced as the Mistress of Accepted and Soldiers.
    3 Jan: Ninya Evoneigh announced as Head of the Green Ajah.
    3 Jan: Kitan Tataru announced as Head of the White Ajah.
    3 Jan: Ilissa al'Nari announced as Head of the Blue Ajah.
    16 Jan: Naedys Channira announced as the new Marketing Project Manager.
    22 Jan: Several new forum moderators announced.
    22 Jan: Several new members in the Department of Outreach and Outreach Activities Team announced.


    2 Jan: Forum Moderators sought. (applications closed)


    7 Jan: Logo contest announced for the 16th Anniversary Party. (submissions due 15 Feb)


    3 Jan: TarValon.Net's annual Feast of Lights fundraiser concluded.
    7 Jan: Junior Member Logo released along with other goodies!
    8 Jan: January Merits announced.
    22 Jan: Feast of Lights Results and Raffle Winner announced.
    22 Jan: Nominations for the Member Choice Awards opened.
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