• 5 Threads to Check Out This Month, by Ne'Merith Delvar

    In the words of Toral, "My milkshake brings all the boys from Mars" (apparently that's the English version. No you are not wrong, he's just... Toral). But do you know what brings all the boys and girls to TarValon.Net? Boobs. Without fail. Every time. In fact, I remember that being the most effective technique to resurrect activity on the boards in the days of yore. You just scream "Boobs" and all the boys come running to the yard. Even the ones from Mars.

    But legitimately...

    #1 There is an official boob thread. In fact, as we always strive for perfection, we've built the boobs a temple. So, there is a Boob Temple thread. And it straddles that PG-13 line like a boss. If you are of age, you may want to go be stereotypical and make an offering: https://www.tarvalon.net/showthread.php?18098-New(er-est)-Cult-of-the-Boobie-Temple-(PG-13)

    #2 And, naturally, not to be sexist, we have the countering Package Temple thread. Personally, not as impressed, apart from the almost passing wingspan on what's clearly NOT an Illarian male (those who know, will know. Rhys... sigh). But maybe you can do better by submitting something of value: https://www.tarvalon.net/showthread....e-(PG-13-ONLY)

    #3 Since this is my personal perspective and I can chose any top 5 threads I find fascinating, you have no choice but to follow my whims. And I chose to find our Entertainment section of the Discussion Halls to be third most interesting (group of) threads on tarvalon. What's cool about it is that I like every single show being discussed in there, which reminds me of why I joined this group and stuck around for so long in the first place - likeminded people for the win. So, if you have a mild show addiction - I recommend popping in here: https://www.tarvalon.net/forumdispla...-Entertainment

    #4 And while you should never meet your soulmate at the tavern, I actually find the Warder and Hen to be one of the easiest places to get to know your future Ajah or company members. I know people advise against it, but in (virtual) vino veritas. Browns are always hilarious, the (mostly Green) Mitten Crew spams like there is no tomorrow, and MDDs actually do post. https://www.tarvalon.net/forumdispla...Warder-and-Hen

    #5 I bet you've not been to the Classroom since you got raised... But there are some REALLY cool threads going on in there. Accepted Chaelca is teaching a class designed to help people understand the basics of heraldry so they can design their own coat of arms. What do you know about heraldry? Nothing! So, go take a class, yo. Be smart and such. Yeah. https://www.tarvalon.net/forumdispla...-The-Classroom

    Anyway. I thought these were cool. Hope you like them. And if you don't, go start your own thread and impress me with your wit... and/or your wingspan.

    Love to all,
    - Mira
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    1. Nynyra Falas's Avatar
      Nynyra Falas -
      I thought I just have read recently that Chae told somebody that her class is finished.

      But there are interesting classes around. - And it can be interesting to read in old classes, too.