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    We, as the Heart Guard of the Tower, feel called to Guard the Heart of our world - the planet itself, its ecosystems and the life within. So our overarching focus is conserving the wild areas of the world and the plants and animals that live there. One of our specific focuses tying into this is the adoption of our very own Red Wolf.
    Adopt a Wolf Project

    Learn more here

    Taken from the website where we can adopt a wolf:


    tl;dr: The Red Wolf is found only in the US and there are only 220 individuals in the whole world. Only about 27 of them are in the wild. This place is called Reflection Riding and they house some red wolves to help breed them for reintroduction in the wild, and part of how we can help is to adopt one.

    There are 3 different Adopt a Wolf levels, $50, $250 and $500. We can easily adopt a wolf singly at the $50 level but I think it would be even better to adopt one at the highest level, both to help them out with bringing this species back from the brink and we can get a lot of good things in the package.

    At the $500+ level, you will receive the following benefits:

    • Printed photograph of your wolf
    • Adoption certificate
    • American red wolf fact sheet
    • Acknowledgement on adoption page online
    • Behind-the-scenes tour for you and family (up to 6 individuals)

    We are going to put the wolf pic in our library page along with the certificate, and on their website put "Val'Cueran Company of TarValon.Net" that way the Company and our site as a whole is out there.
    I myself plan on doing stuff like bake sales and such to raise money for it and you can as well or just make a donation.​


    Alora-$50 PAID
    Rand-$25 PAID
    Dreia-$30 PAID
    Leala-$25 PAID
    Erin-$20 PAID
    Atarah-$50 PAID

    Total pledged as of 6/30/2020:


    TOTAL PAID $200

    Other Conservation Projects:

    Alora will be planting American Chestnut trees on her property to try and help in bringing back this nearly extinct native tree that was all but wiped out in the early 1900s from an invasive Asian fungus. Learn more about the American Chestnut Tree revival.
    This is where you can help support the efforts to bring back the American Chestnut Tree

    We can all search using Ecosia instead of Google, which boasts its initiative to plant trees for every search made.

    More to come!
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    I made a $10 donation today to the Arbor Day Foundation, they will plant 10 trees:)
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    Awesome! I love wolves but right now no job so can't afford so great that people are supporting a good cause.