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    The New Member's Guide on People to Know
    Here's your guide on some of the people you should know as a new member. These are some of the people who have a major hand in running the site and/or are people that will be working closely with you as a new member. Included information is Job Title, Name of the person holding that position and Job Description. For a complete listing of all executive and staff members at, please check out the Membership Manual or The Tower Histories.

    The Amyrlin Seat
    Rhed al'Tere
    The Amyrlin Seat is our President/CEO and is an Officer of TarValon.Net. She provides the overall direction for the website and community. Is the chief ambassador for TarValon.Net amongst its own members and other Wheel of Time communities. Takes an interest in everything related to the site, but her main focus is the development and future of the community. Serves as the final authority in major conflict resolutions.

    The Keeper of the Chronicles
    Lireina Dormerus t'al`Bearach
    The Keeper is our COO and is an Officer of TarValon.Net. Oversees the daily administration and running of the site and community. Works with the Directors to choose, train, and replace administrators and staff. Oversees all of TarValon.Net's Directors. Oversees the Hall, including the selection of Sitters and Councilors. Oversees moderators. Reports to the Amyrlin Seat directly. She can be reached at

    Cassie Dainar
    Shatayan is the title we give to our Treasurer/CFO. The Shatayan is an Officer of TarValon.Net and is responsible for the budget and other financial workings of He/she can be reached at

    Tower Archivist
    Toral Delvar
    Archivist is the title we give to our Secretary/CRO. The Archivist is an Officer of TarValon.Net and is responsible for archiving and maintaining information related to, including moderation and membership issues, the Hall of the Tower, Executive decisions, etc. He also runs our Merits system. He can be reached at

    The Mayor of Tar Valon
    Kassidy Rose DaiShan
    Manages all members at the level of citizen as well as visitors; moderates all forums and chat rooms associated with this level of membership; encourages community; provides discipline and guidance. Handles the entrance of citizens into the Tower. She can be reached at This is your "go to" person as a citizen for any membership issues you might have!

    Department Directors
    Department Directors supervise all administrators and staff within their respective Departments. They report to the Keeper of Chronicles and work with her to ensure that the daily administration of the site and community runs smoothly.

    Department of Community Outreach
    Aryawnah Federov
    Oversees the online activities of our community, including holidays and freeweeks, fundraising for our community and for worthy charitable causes, oversees the Scholarship and the Servants of All program. She can be reached at

    Director of Events and Conferences
    Naomi al'Moranwin
    Oversees the production of all Official Events for Manages all Mistresses/Masters of Revels and facilitates location choice, budgeting and planning. She can be reached at

    Director of Marketing
    Arie Davion
    Responsible for's visual identity, social networking and retailing products. The department improves and monitors the consistency of the official logos and designs despite the diversity in style of its members. It is responsible for creating all official designs, logos, graphics and products. The Tar Valon Times is also in this department. She can be reached at

    Director of Membership
    Sa'areah Britthorn
    Maintains the membership records, reviews bondings, handles avatar and name changes, and handles raisings to senior membership. Provides conflict resolution for TarValon.Net's membership should a membership administrator/staff request it or such resolution is needed. She can be reached at

    Director of Moderators
    Kelgan al'Moranwin
    Handles hiring, replacing, and training new chat ops and forum mods. Is second in line for all issues that pop up in community moderation. Makes decisions as to appropriateness of consequences for actions that occur in forums or in chat. Works closely with the Keeper and the Director of Membership on any issues that arise. He can be reached at

    Director of Research & Records
    Kerna Shedrian
    Manages content in TarValon.Net’s Library. Oversees the creation and teaching of classes, manages research projects, and moderates Library forums. Manages content for TarValon.Net’s news and community news pages. Maintains the official public records of our community. She can be reached at

    Director of Technology
    Mendo Cath
    Manages the technical aspect of TarValon.Net and project manages all technical projects for site functionality. Also serves as the site’s web master. He can be reached at
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