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    The Tar Valon Times Blog is looking to hire a few more writers/artists :)

    Tar Valon Times Writers work within the Department of Marketing and report to the Tar Valon Times Editor. This is a non-rotating staff position, and is eligible for the Reporter Merit.

    We are looking specifically for writers who can produce at least one article per month on anything to do with The Wheel of Time, TarValon.Net, or even the fantasy genre more generally. Here are some of the types of things we've published in the past (please pay attention to any spoiler warnings at the tops of articles if you haven't yet finished the series):

    • Character spotlights (like THIS one on Ingtar)
    • Real life topics relevant to The Wheel of Time (like THIS one on herbs)
    • Best-of lists or lists that rank things (like THIS one ranking The Wheel of Time books)
    • Random Wheel of Time topics (like THIS one on Education in Randland or THIS one on Sunday)
    • Comic strips (like THIS one about Lini)
    • Word art (like THIS one on Birgitte)
    • Memes (like THIS meme post)
    • Creative pieces (like THIS diary or THIS Randland Travel Advisor article)
    • News about the upcoming television series (like THIS one on the WoTonPrime panel at JordanCONline
    • Interviews with members of the site (like THIS interview article on Citizens)
    • Spotlights on areas of TarValon.Net (like THIS spotlight on Acceped/Soldier Resources in the Library)

    This, however, is certainly not a comprehensive list of the types of things we are interested in; we are interested in all things to do with the Wheel of Time books/television series and TarValon.Net.

    If you are interested in writing for the Tar Valon Times but aren’t sure what you would like to write—please still consider applying! We can definitely help you decide what to write on!


    • Members of any rank can apply
    • Former experience with writing/art is a plus but not strictly necessary
    • It is not necessary to have completed the books yet; we can work around any spoiler restrictions you might have

    Time Commitment

    • This will vary from person to person, but please be prepared to commit the time it will take you to write one article per month

    How to Apply

    Please send an email to editor@tarvalon.net, marketing@tarvalon.net, and keeper@tarvalon.net with a subject line of “APPLICATION – TVT STAFF – YOUR NAME”

    Please let us know why you are interested in writing for the Tar Valon Times. If you know what you are interested in writing, please let us know that too!

    While applications will be accepted for the Tar Valon Times at any time, we are looking to add a few writers as soon as we can. With the upcoming television show, there is greatly increased interest in The Wheel of Time and WoT-related content online, and we are looking to address that interest.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at editor@tarvalon.net.
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