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    First, I would like to offer our sincere thanks to Erin al’Denael for her diligent efforts filling this position to date- she’s been a tremendous asset to Tech in this role, and will be greatly missed!

    That, of course, means we’re looking for a new Master of the Watch - here’s what it’s all about:

    The Masters of the Watch are the Director of Technology’s left and right hands. We are hiring a Master of the Watch primarily responsible for front end operations, so we’re looking for someone experienced in forum management. Some overlap in Linux Administration wouldn’t hurt, but is not required. Please note that discretion is an absolute must for this position. There are several projects pending which will require a rapid spin up. You will be working directly with the Director of Technology, currently Deoan Kakarot, for the duration of your tenure in the position.

    Position Overview:

    The Department of Technology exists to maintain our website and forums, and to take care of IT problems and/or projects as they arise. We are currently seeking a Master of the Watch to help meet those needs.

    • Must be a member in good standing with TarValon.Net for at least 1 year- Senior Membership preferred but not required.

    • Must be experienced in working with any or all of the following areas: coding (HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP/etc.), web design, web applications, VBulletin, Drupal, xenforo, phpBB3, MySQL, other CMS/forum software.

    • Must be trustworthy and organized.

    • Must work well with others, and be able to stay in timely contact with the Director and fellow staff.
    Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Be available to work on Technology issues and projects as they appear. The time commitment will vary week to week, but you should not expect to spend more than 10-15 hours per week working on any given project.

    • Modifying forums to meet the changing needs of the community

    • Deploying new features as determined by Executive leadership
    How to Apply:

    Send an email with the subject "APPLICATION - MASTER OF THE WATCH - YOURNAMEHERE" to technology@tarvalon.net and keeper@tarvalon.net. In your email, please give us your qualifications -- history with the Tower and any experience/skills that you believe would be beneficial in the Tech department.

    Deadline for application: January 6th, 2018
Thread Status:
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