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Discussion in 'Hiring' started by Tallan Daar, Jul 1, 2019.

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  1. Tallan Daar

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    May 12, 2010
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    Thank you for your time in this role, Imzadi. Unfortunately I now find myself in need of a new Events Historian.

    The Events Historian is a non-rotating staff position in the Department of Research and Records with the responsibility for maintaining the event-related sections of the Library.

    Time served in this position counts towards the Staff Merit.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Proactively maintain information on events and conferences in the TarValon.Net Library.
    • Record details of our official events and conferences as they move through planning stages and after they occur.
    • Create a stub page for parties when the location is announced.
    • Add details as they are released on the forums via official posts, e.g. dates, schedule, packet etc.
    • Update after the party with pictures, reviews, final attendee list, tournament winners, bondings, raisings, fundraisers, etc.
    • Wherever possible, update past event pages with the same details.
    • Follow established guidelines for editing the Library wiki.

    Must possess discretion, as they may have access to working dates or event details before they are ready to be made public knowledge.

    Time Commitment
    Have approximately 2 hours per week to dedicate to finding and posting updates, although some weeks may require more or less time.

    • Anyone of any rank or position may apply. Must have been a member of the site for at least 6 months.
    • Have a working knowledge of wiki coding, or the ability to pick said knowledge up quickly. Familiarity with the site Library is preferrable.
    • Good English written communication skills with attention to consistent language and grammar.

    To apply for the position, please send an email with the subject “APPLICATION - EVENTS HISTORIAN - YOUR NAME” to library@tarvalon.net and archivist@tarvalon.net, detailing your interest in the position and why you would be a good fit.

    Applications are due July 21.
  2. Elia LePhant

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    Sep 1, 2002
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    Good luck to the applicants! It's a fun team to be a part of for sure. :D
  3. Leo Kian

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    Nov 11, 2010
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    Good luck everyone :)
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