Fostering of children :)

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    When I can drive and have my own car, but I'm still living at my parents, I'm going to do some volunteering involving children/teenagers to give me some better experience with kids as I don't really have any. Since I'll be in a position to get the experience, seems silly not to take advantage.
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    At our local DCFS here in Arkansas we also have some fantastic volunteers that take the time to help volunteer, to sit inside the doctor while a kid is in care or to help monitor visitations for families. You have no idea the comfort for a child and for a worker to know someone is there sitting with your kid if you can't be there. Or someone to show up at a school event if you can't be there. These kids are yours pretty much if you are the worker and you have 45 of them. So its hard to always be there when you want to be :)
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    Yeah, showing up to events means the world.
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    Oh was directed back to this thread :).

    I first got my feet wet in foster care by volunteering in the state of Washington as a "Driver" for foster children. I would pick them up from foster homes and take them to visitations. In Kansas, this is a paid position, but in some states it is still volunteer. You still have to pass a background check and cannot have anything dicey on your driving record, but it let me be a part of the process without fully committing.

    After this second adoption, which blessedly will be soon as we received final "go ahead", we are still planning on fostering again. Because I have already raised four and am a bit older, we truly only wish to foster. However, if another child is not able to be reunited after being in our home for a long time, we will reconsider adoption again at that time.

    Thanks for the info on the foster success! I am going to look that up for my daughter who is going to college!!

    Just a word of advice from what I have experienced....set your limit! I am a sucker for a "sad" story and even though we put our foot down last time of only taking in a pair/sibling group, we ended up with five foster children because we could do the space. It was fun and a bit daunting at times, but we survived and the children were eventually reunited. So just set your limit and if they call asking "can you just take one more" truly think about what you can do. *nods*.