Covid-19 - Things you can do to help

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    I'm going to compile a list of all the different things that we can do to help with the covid-19 crisis. Idk about you but I'm extremely frustrated with being homebound and feeling helpless in this whole thing so finding ways to help during my isolation helps me cope, and with the added bonus of helping others!

    Making cloth masks
    Making 3d printed masks and shields

    Computer resources:
    Use your computer's resources to help scientists find a cure:
    Learn More Here,

    Feeding people:
    Please post resources to help feed students that rely on school lunches, the homeless, and those in need in our communities around the world
    Feeding America: find your local food bank

    Donating Blood:
    If you are able to and healthy please consider donating blood.
    TarValon.Net Blood Drive info
    Make an appointment at the Red Cross

    Please post any other ideas you have!
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    Apr 4, 2019
    People who are for-real-quarantined, not just sheltering in place need items delivered to them. We made a grocery pickup/dropoff run for a local family who are quarantined because a family member tested positive. They sent us a shopping list, sent us money by paypal, and we used facetime to shop for them so they could choose from what was available, then we dropped everything in the trunk of their car so there was 0 contact at all. It's time consuming, but super worth it for folks who can't get out at all. Quarantined and homebound families may need other things than groceries as well like pharmacy runs or mail pick up (for people with PO boxes).
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    3D Printing Projects thread for 3D printed masks and face shield if technical recommendations are needed.