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March 25
Student. A Very Old Student.

Liam al'Eire

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    1. Katrie Ilmarien
      1. Nynyra Falas
        Nynyra Falas
        Aug 8, 2017
    2. Cynayne Nilonne
      Cynayne Nilonne
      Thank you, Liam! I will :)
    3. Mystica Ari'Yena
      Mystica Ari'Yena
      Thank you Liam!
    4. Katrie Ilmarien
      Katrie Ilmarien
      Happy Birthday, darling!!! *jumps out of cake and throws sparkly confetti* :hug :tackle :kiss
    5. Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Happy Birthday!
    6. Alora Sionn
      Alora Sionn
      Happy birthday! :hug
    7. Cahalan Sothron
      Cahalan Sothron
      Happy nameday, Liam!
    8. Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Happy Birthday my dear, dear poet! I hope it is the bestest of days! :hug :hug :hug :smooch
    9. Nandi el'Shahir
      Nandi el'Shahir
      It's been an interesting week to say the least. Hope yours was a good one.
    10. Nandi el'Shahir
      Nandi el'Shahir
      I'm sorry, but it kind of makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
    11. Nandi el'Shahir
    12. Nandi el'Shahir
      Nandi el'Shahir
      \o/ Thank you m'dear. ;) *And offers you some rum*
    13. Avery d'Itkarya
      Avery d'Itkarya
      It just looks a bit smaller than all of the others to me… compare yours to the ones above and below it in your intro thread. See what I mean? It's not a huge deal, but they will want it to be sized properly before you are made Citizen :) (I am assuming you will apply?)

      Can't wait to see more of you and get to know you a little better!
    14. Raevyn Tsornin
    15. Avery d'Itkarya
      Avery d'Itkarya
      Hi Liam! Welcome to :joy

      I'm Avery, part of the Welcoming Committee. You'll recognize us by the welcome mats in our signatures :) We are here to help out in any way we can if you have any questions just want someone new to chat with!

      I highly recommend you apply for Citizenship once you hit 25 posts. It's a great way to get to know more people & you can see lots more boards. Once you are added to the user group, check out Aven Sedai's class for new Citizens - follow the link in my sig or head over to the Classroom!

      I always advise everyone to check out our Membership Manual. There is all sorts of great info there from how to move up in ranks, to site rules & regs. It looks like maybe your avi is a bit on the small side. Site rules require 110x70 pixels. Let me know if you need help resizing!

      Once again welcome, & I can't wait to see you around !

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    March 25
    Student. A Very Old Student.
    Recruit of the White Tower
    I've been reading fantasy since I was 6. My dad was in the military, so I had a great advantage over other kids my age, in that I literally grew up all over the world. The " Travel Bug " has continued to have a grip on me even after dad retired. I've been to every US state except Alaska; almost all of the provinces in Canada at one time or another; everywhere in the Caribbean (including a brief trip to Cuba); all the countries in Central and South America; almost every country in Europe -even Russia; all of the coastal countries of South Africa; most of the South Pacific islands; England; Scotland: Ireland; China; Japan; Okinawa; and everywhere in the Mediterranean.

    Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand are pretty much all I have left.on my bucket list.

    I read; write; love horses; travel a little ;p; cook


    ~~Poet Laureate of the Blue and Yellow Ajah~~Bard of TarValon~~
    ~ proud mentee of Ahmyra Sedai and Eli Gaidin since...,well,...Thursday. ~