Liam al'Eire
Jan 29, 2014
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March 25
Student. A Very Old Student.

Liam al'Eire

Poet Laureate

Aes Sedai
    1. Alora Sionn
    2. Thaddius al'Guy
      Thaddius al'Guy
      It was great to meet you at JordanCon this past weekend! Hope you found that Tapas place okay.
    3. Martinis Clarkey
      Martinis Clarkey
      Happy birthday Liam. Do you use the Jm's Discord channel?
    4. Polegnyn Nemeara
      Polegnyn Nemeara
      Happy birthday :)
    5. Jarl Lewin
      Jarl Lewin
      The blessings of Patrick to you today, Liam, Son of Ireland. Tai'shar Eire!
      1. Liam al'Eire
        Liam al'Eire
        And unto thee as well, Friend Jarl.
        Mar 17, 2018
    6. Katrie Ilmarien
      1. Nynyra Falas
        Nynyra Falas
        Aug 8, 2017
    7. Cynayne Nilonne
      Cynayne Nilonne
      Thank you, Liam! I will :)
    8. Mystica Ari'Yena
      Mystica Ari'Yena
      Thank you Liam!
    9. Katrie Ilmarien
      Katrie Ilmarien
      Happy Birthday, darling!!! *jumps out of cake and throws sparkly confetti* :hug :tackle :kiss
    10. Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Happy Birthday!
    11. Alora Sionn
      Alora Sionn
      Happy birthday! :hug
    12. Cahalan Sothron
      Cahalan Sothron
      Happy nameday, Liam!
    13. Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Ahmyra al'Ruley
      Happy Birthday my dear, dear poet! I hope it is the bestest of days! :hug :hug :hug :smooch
    14. Nandi el'Shahir
      Nandi el'Shahir
      It's been an interesting week to say the least. Hope yours was a good one.
    15. Nandi el'Shahir
      Nandi el'Shahir
      I'm sorry, but it kind of makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
    16. Nandi el'Shahir
    17. Nandi el'Shahir
      Nandi el'Shahir
      \o/ Thank you m'dear. ;) *And offers you some rum*
    18. Avery d'Itkarya
      Avery d'Itkarya
      It just looks a bit smaller than all of the others to me… compare yours to the ones above and below it in your intro thread. See what I mean? It's not a huge deal, but they will want it to be sized properly before you are made Citizen :) (I am assuming you will apply?)

      Can't wait to see more of you and get to know you a little better!
    19. Raevyn Tsornin
    20. Avery d'Itkarya
      Avery d'Itkarya
      Hi Liam! Welcome to :joy

      I'm Avery, part of the Welcoming Committee. You'll recognize us by the welcome mats in our signatures :) We are here to help out in any way we can if you have any questions just want someone new to chat with!

      I highly recommend you apply for Citizenship once you hit 25 posts. It's a great way to get to know more people & you can see lots more boards. Once you are added to the user group, check out Aven Sedai's class for new Citizens - follow the link in my sig or head over to the Classroom!

      I always advise everyone to check out our Membership Manual. There is all sorts of great info there from how to move up in ranks, to site rules & regs. It looks like maybe your avi is a bit on the small side. Site rules require 110x70 pixels. Let me know if you need help resizing!

      Once again welcome, & I can't wait to see you around !

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    March 25
    Student. A Very Old Student.
    Accepted of the White Tower
    I've been reading fantasy since I was 6. My dad was in the military, so I had a great advantage over other kids my age, in that I literally grew up all over the world. The " Travel Bug " has continued to have a grip on me even after dad retired. I've been to every US state except Alaska; almost all of the provinces in Canada at one time or another; everywhere in the Caribbean (including a brief trip to Cuba); all the countries in Central and South America; almost every country in Europe -even Russia; all of the coastal countries of South Africa; most of the South Pacific islands; England; Scotland: Ireland; China; Japan; Okinawa; and everywhere in the Mediterranean.

    Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand are pretty much all I have left.on my bucket list.

    I read; write; love horses; travel a little ;p; cook


    ~~Poet Laureate of TarValon.Net~~Bard of TarValon~~
    ~ White Sedai and Loving Life ~
    Adanys's Aspie Twin/Ahmyra's Humble Mentee/Nym's Pocket Poet