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    1. Kalez al'Xael
      Kalez al'Xael
      Not exactly sure if this is the right way to reply to a visitor's message, but here I go. I find the site decent, but a bit empty, especially from the view of one just starting out with limited forum categories. I've tried to join in and post around, but I don't always know what to reply to, and the book discussion threads are difficult for me because I tend to forget many details. I'll just have to keep trying :P
    2. Ty al'Djinn
      Ty al'Djinn
      Thank you very much!
    3. Jeryn Lekar
      Jeryn Lekar
      Umm, this is awkward. But I just now realized that visitor messages exist and thus I just saw your birthday congratulations back in November. So erm, thanks! :look
    4. Amaryla Leper
      Amaryla Leper
      I just saw your message, I'm awfully sorry! Thank you very much, Alora! :hug
    5. Sonea Ilandred
    6. Maibella ni Rhoiden t'al'Varrak
      Maibella ni Rhoiden t'al'Varrak
      I'll be applying just as soon as I can, which is 3/28. :) Can't wait!
    7. Elorenya d'Rahien
      Elorenya d'Rahien
      Will do! <3 Thank you! :D *dances in excitement*
    8. Elorenya d'Rahien
      Elorenya d'Rahien
      Thank you very much!! :hug I'm so excited! :joy Can't wait to see you there!
    9. Elorenya d'Rahien
      Elorenya d'Rahien
      Haha, it's all good. :D I can wait patiently! :D I hope you're having a fabulous day!
    10. Brandegoris Al'Mor
      Brandegoris Al'Mor
      YOU are soooo great!! thank you!! you made my year! I <3 it! I was having SUCH a horible day before i saw this!!! My GF and i are having tons of trouble (sadly as usual) :( and she picked a fight again this morning ! But THIS made me feel sooo awesome! So thank you really!
    11. Brandegoris Al'Mor
      Brandegoris Al'Mor
      O M G ! U are awesome. ive never had a fan club. I m blushing! im not that cool. you all make me feel so great. Thank you so much. i dont know if i can live up to it! hahahah You are great! thank you. Im going to go check my citizenship. our mayore tells me she had sent something , i just havent checked it.
    12. Avelina Ermen
      Avelina Ermen
      Thanks, Alora!
    13. Alexstrasza Ruskea
    14. Imzadi Hopewind
    15. Keelinnea Isyne
      Keelinnea Isyne
      Thanks for the welcome! It is sort of cool to know there are several here who are practically just down the road from me.
    16. Padron Kerenmosa
      Padron Kerenmosa
      You can probably PM now too.:p
      I never really worked with the VM feature as its pretty new.:look
    17. Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn
      Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn
      Pretty good.
      I haven't started my NaNo yet... Just got home. I doubt I'll win, I work too many hours.
    18. Aryawnah Federov
      Aryawnah Federov
      Fantastic!!!! Glad to hear from you! ^^ How are things going for you so far?
    19. Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn
      Roheryn ni Galghandhrei t'al'Djinn
      Hey'a! Congrats on getting that straightened out!
      How are you?
    20. Kitan Tataru
      Kitan Tataru
      Hey Alora,

      I wanted to say that I really appreciated the post you made in the thread about Riley, especially:

      But for those expressing mourning for the nice guy he was, forgive him for his weakness and forgive yourself; because I was in a situation like this when a friend betrayed and I beat myself up for trusting him, but honestly your instincts weren't wrong. He was that nice guy you thought, but if he really did this out of desperation and not greed then it was situations that drove him to it. So don't beat yourself up for trusting him. Just don't forget either.

      I've been struggling a little with the fact that I would have trusted him with just about anything but your perspective is helping me straighten it out. Thank you :)
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    If I was the sun way up there
    I'd go with love most everywhere
    I'll be the moon when the sun goes down
    So you know I'm still around

    That's how strong my love is​