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  1. Almira ni'Caldazare
    Almira ni'Caldazare
    Trying to get used to new cell phone...
  2. Amber Yelton
    Amber Yelton Sa'areah Britthorn
    Greetings! I need to change me username, but can't seem to find a way to edit this myself. Any help would be great!
  3. Dnae Ila
    Dnae Ila Ealandrelle Melyma
    Happy birthday, mentor mine!
    1. Ealandrelle Melyma
      Ealandrelle Melyma
      Thank you!
      Sep 22, 2017 at 6:10 AM
  4. Martinis Clarkey
    Martinis Clarkey Ealandrelle Melyma
    Happy birthday Ealandrelle Sedai
    1. Ealandrelle Melyma
      Ealandrelle Melyma
      Thank you Martinis :)
      Sep 21, 2017 at 4:23 PM
  5. Polegnyn Nemeara
    Polegnyn Nemeara Ealandrelle Melyma
    Happy birthday! :hug
    1. Ealandrelle Melyma
      Ealandrelle Melyma
      Thank you!! :D
      Sep 21, 2017 at 4:22 PM
  6. Dnae Ila
    Dnae Ila
    I want a hot cocoa as big as my head.
  7. Polegnyn Nemeara
    Polegnyn Nemeara Thoridyss Wyborn
    Happy birthday, Thoridyss Sedai!
  8. Devonna Harren
  9. Devonna Harren
  10. Nynyra Falas
  11. Alora Sionn
    Alora Sionn Sassaba
    I'm your stalker lol
  12. Arie Davion
    Arie Davion Dnae Ila
    <3 Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!!
    1. Dnae Ila
      Dnae Ila
      Thank you, beautiful!
      Sep 12, 2017
  13. Polegnyn Nemeara
    Polegnyn Nemeara Dnae Ila
    Happy birthday :)
    1. Dnae Ila
      Dnae Ila
      Thank you!
      Sep 11, 2017
  14. Monari'Lyn Al'Eradore
    Monari'Lyn Al'Eradore Hilwa Katir
    I was just thinking about you and missing you, and remembering our Anni adventures. I also wanted to say that I still miss the Innkeepers Guild, do you? Love you bunches!!!
    Becky/Monari ;b
  15. Eliza Al'Shaw
    Eliza Al'Shaw Caera Reid
    Welcome back!! - give me a shout if you need any help :)
    1. Caera Reid
      Caera Reid
      Thank you!
      Sep 7, 2017
  16. Iteran al'Wahid
  17. Syera Faelron
  18. Eliza Al'Shaw
    Eliza Al'Shaw Deven Rhanthir
    Hey Deven! sorry it's late but welcome!! :)
    How have you been getting on around the boards?
    If there is anything you need help with, let me know :)
  19. Cahalan Sothron
    Cahalan Sothron Adaria Taranis
    Happy birthday, Adaria!!!

    Hope you are enjoying your Citizen days!!!
    1. Adaria Taranis
      Adaria Taranis
      Thank you Cahalan!!!
      Aug 29, 2017
  20. Polegnyn Nemeara