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  1. Cieon Maralyn
    Cieon Maralyn Aleita Taviah
    *sneaks in*
    *sneaks back out*
  2. Jarl Lewin
  3. Jarl Lewin
  4. Syera Faelron
  5. Jarl Lewin
  6. Jarl Lewin
  7. Samarasin Tavaral
    Samarasin Tavaral Naedys Channirra
    Are creeping on me? :P
    1. Naedys Channirra
      Naedys Channirra
      Alllllllwwwwaaaayyyyssss! :waggle
      Aug 8, 2018
  8. Jarl Lewin
  9. Naedys Channirra
  10. Arie Davion
    Arie Davion Aénor Dhulaine
    <3 I love you, Darling!
    1. Aénor Dhulaine
      Aénor Dhulaine
      ♡ Thank you Arie Sedai. :)
      Aug 7, 2018
  11. Juliya Karasu
    Juliya Karasu
    Trying to figure everything out.
  12. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Illyria Corinye
    Happy birthday! Many years!
  13. Jarl Lewin
  14. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Charis Delphi
    Happy birthday!
  15. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Xaviara al'Nady
    Happy birthday!
  16. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Kallarn Lo'Vosh
    Happy birthday!
  17. Alora Sionn
    Alora Sionn
    Y'all PetaQs Need Kahless...
  18. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Kasaar al'Rahtsi
    Welcome to Tar Valon! I didn't see you post in Introductions, and while it isn't a requirement I highly encourage you to do so. We hope you will stick around!
  19. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Rhed al'Tere
    Happy birthday, mother!
  20. Jarl Lewin
    Jarl Lewin Lyara Tieran
    Happy birthday!